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New England Science Fiction Association

Featured Guests

Joe Abercrombie
Guest of Honor

Joe Abercrombie was born in Lancaster, England, on the last day of 1974.

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Julie Dillon
Official Artist

Hi! My name is Julie Dillon, and I’m a freelance artist living in the Pacific Northwest.

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Sheree Renée Thomas
Special Guest

Sheree Renée Thomas is an award-winning fiction writer, poet, and editor.

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Marc Gunn
Musical Guest

Marc Gunn plays Sci F’Irish music.

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Ursula Vernon
NESFA Press Guest

Ursula Vernon is the author and illustrator of far more projects than is probably healthy.

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Mike Brotherton
Hal Clement Science Speaker

Mike Brotherton is a professor of astronomy at the University of Wyoming  where he investigates the most luminous active galactic nuclei, the quasars.

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Christian Ready
Hal Clement Science Speaker

Hi there! My name is Christian Ready and I’ve spent pretty much my entire life in awe of the universe.

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