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New England Science Fiction Association

Art Show

Boskone is known for its long history of supporting excellence in science fiction and fantasy art and offers several opportunities to view and enjoy artwork within the Art Show. So, when we decided to take Boskone 58 virtual, we knew there would have to also be an Art Show.

The Fenners at the Art Show Boskone 56So, what will the virtual Art Show look like?

Each artist will have an Art Show page that features the exhibition of images as well as information about the art on display and the artists what are participating in this year’s event. Fan will also be able to connect with artists directly via chat and can even  purchase physical art from the virtual Art Show.

The Art Show will be set up a few days before the official start of Boskone and will remain up with the virtual Boskone 58 event website through the end of February 2021, giving fans and art lovers all the time they need to explore and enjoy the show at their own pace. Don’t miss this special opportunity to purchase original art on display in our virtual art show and visit the links to our artists off-site stores where you can purchase a print and take home a bit of Boskone magic.

Events, Demos, and Discussions

Boskone boasts rich art programming full of live demos, discussions, and exhibits. This year we will also include a few art demos as well as an excellent selection of presentations and in-depth panels discussions featuring some of the most important topics, most influential art, and most celebrated artists in the speculative art field.

On Saturday night, during our annual NESFA Awards Ceremony we will also be announcing the winner of 2021’s Gaughan Award, which honors the memory of Jack Gaughan, a long-time friend of fandom and one of the finest SF artists of the 20th century. To encourage and recognize new artists within the field, The New England Science Fiction Association, Inc., presents the Gaughan Award annually to an emerging artist (an artist who has become a professional within the past five years) chosen by a panel of judges.

Then on Sunday morning, our Art Show director and her team will share their choices for this year’s virtual Boskone 58 Art Show winners.

Official Artist: Julie Dillon

Julie Dillon PhotoA message from Julie:

Hi! My name is Julie Dillon, and I’m a freelance artist living in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve been drawing most of my life, but I officially kicked off my professional career in 2006 and have been working steadily since then to keep learning, growing, and challenging myself artistically. I love finding the magic in the world around me, and try to use bold color and fantastical narratives to express that. In my free time, I enjoy hiking and exploring nature, making pottery, and volunteering at a local equine rescue.

Boskone 58 Souvenir Book Cover Image
Boskone 58 Souvenir Book. Cover image by Julie Bell.

I received my BFA in Fine Arts from Sacramento State University in 2005, with continued education at the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco and Watts Atelier.

Visit Julie’s Official Artist guest page on the Boskone 58 website and view her work online at The Art of Julie Dillon.

Art Show & Tours

Boskone features the most impressive speculative art show in New England. This year’s Art Show will showcase original works by our Official Artist as well as dozens of artists from New England and beyond. The show will feature over 200 images or art, including oil paintings, digital images, 3-D artwork, and more. For an up-to-date listing of confirmed artists, please visit Boskone’s Artists/Art Resellers page.

Print Shop

While our virtual Art Show will display images and links to artists’ sites for purchase of images, we will not be featuring a print shop on the Boskone 58 event web site.


Artist who are interested in displaying their work can find more information on our Art Show Information page.