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Publishers. Book Stores. Authors. Fans. Purchase an ad for the PDF version of the Boskone 58 Souvenir Book!

Souvenir Book Advertising Rates – PDF Edition Only

Virtual Boskone 58 is producing a full-color, expanded Virtual Souvenir Book (in PDF fomat only). The Virtual Souvenir Book is a great way to get your books, events, and groups in front of an audience who loves speculative fiction. This wonderful souvenir will be available on the Boskone 58 website and emailed to our members.Boskone 58 Souvenir Book Cover Image

We’ve also added two new incentives for advertisers.

  • Deeply Reduced Ad Fees: Understanding the challenging times for our community, we are passing along the savings of having a non-printed book by offering advertising rates at reduced costs.
  • Get a Free Sponsor Page: All advertisers in the virtual Souvenir Book will also be given a complementary Sponsor Page/virtual table (see below) on the Boskone 58 event website.

Due Dates & Deadlines:

  • Advertising is now closed.
    • You will receive a form for information about your Sponsor Table.
  • Reservation deadline: January 10, 2021.
  • Ad copy deadline: January 15, 2021.

Rates for Virtual Souvenir Book:

Back Cover: $115 $75
Inside Cover: $95 $60
Full Page: $75 $30
½ Page: $50 $20
¼ Page: $35 $15

Technical Information:

  • Souvenir Books will only be produced in PDF only.
  • Ad dimensions – (considering an 8.5×11 inch format, with and without bleeds):
    • Back Cover, with bleed – 8.75″ wide x 11.25″ high
    • Back Cover, no bleed – 8″ wide x 10.5″ high
    • Inside Cover, with bleed – 8.75″ wide x 11.25″ high
    • Inside Cover, no bleed – 8″ wide x 10.5″ high
    • Full Page, no bleed – 8″ wide x 10.5″ high
    • Full Page, no bleed – 8.75″ wide x 11.25″ high
    • ½ Page Horizontal, no bleed – 8″ wide x 5.125″ high
    • ½ Page Horizontal, with bleed – 8.75″ wide x 5.5″ high
    • ½ Page Vertical, no bleed – 3.875″ wide x 10.5″ high
    • ½ Page Vertical, with bleed – 4.25″ wide x 11.25″ high
    • ¼ Page, no bleed – 3.875″ wide x 5.125″ high
    • ¼ Page, with bleed – 4.25″ wide x 5.5″ high
    • Visual Sample of Boskone58 Ad Sizes
  • Color Formats: Black & White, RGB, CMYK
  • File Formats (in preference order): PDF, JPG, TIF, or PNG.
  • Due by 1/15/21 to
  • Embed all fonts used in the file.
  • All images should be at least 300 ppi at 100% of their printed size.
  • Line art images (i.e. rasterized text, line drawings) should be at least 600 dpi at 100% of their printed size to avoid a fuzzy/pixelated appearance.

If your ad does not meet these requirements, Boskone takes no responsibility for your ad’s final appearance.


Sponsor Tables (Free to Advertisers)

Boskone 58 Sponsor Tables

The Virtual Boskone 58 event site includes a Sponsor section that features individual Sponsor Pages (aka virtual tables) for advertisers in the virtual Boskone 58 Souvenir Book (PDF only).

While virtual Boskone 58 will run from Friday, February 12-Suunday, February 14, the event site will be open to convention members through the end of February, which means your sponsor page will be viewable for most of February 2021. When you purchase an ad in the Souvenir Book, you will also receive a Sponsor Page that includes:

  • A Boskone volunteer to help set-up your page
  • A graphic logo for the Sponsor landing page
  • A Sponsor Page (i.e. virtual table) that includes:
    • Descriptive text about you and/or your organization
    • Images to spice up the design
    • Live links to content or offsite locations such as newsletter signup pages
    • Social media and contact information
    • Videos
    • Live chat with members who visit your page
    • Ability to give away swag

For more information, contact Boskone Ads via email at