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New England Science Fiction Association

Boskone 58

February 12-14, 2021
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Image by Julie Dillon
Joe Abercrombie
Guest of Honor
Julie Dillon
Official Artist
Sheree Renée Thomas
Special Guest
Marc Gunn
Musical Guest
Ursula Vernon
NESFA Press Guest
Mike Brotherton
Hal Clement Science Speaker
Christian Ready
Hal Clement Science Speaker
Do you love
science fiction and fantasy?

Boskone 58 is going virtual! Join us online.

If this is your first convention or your tenth, you’ll find an open and welcoming gathering of people who share your same interests, talents, and love of anything to do with science fiction or fantasy!

Join us at Boskone, the longest-running science fiction & fantasy convention in New England. Register for this year’s convention today!

Boskone Blog

February 11, 2021

Hot Off the Press: Read the Boskone 58 Souvenir Book!

The Boskone 58 Souvenir Book is available for download! Since Boskone 58 is a virtual convention this year, we have created a beautiful PDF version of the Boskone 58 Souvenir Book for you to read that includes guest introductions, lovely art from our official artist Julie Dillon, a short story by Carlos Hernandez, a special […]

February 11, 2021

Quick Tip: Changing your Public Name, Avatar & Visibility at Boskone 58

We all have our preferred pen name or convention name, and often that preference is our legal name. However, that’s not always the case. So, how do you change your public name and/or avatar for your online interactions at Boskone 58? It’s easy to change your Public Name. Here is a short list of easy […]

February 10, 2021

B58 Mini Interview with R.W.W. Greene and Jennifer Williams

Welcome back to the Boskone 58 Mini Interview Series! Get to know some of the top authors, scientists, artists, and creators in the science fiction, fantasy and horror industry, why they’re looking forward to Boskone, and perhaps a sneak peek at what they’re working on next. Today on the Boskone 58 Mini Interview Series we […]

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