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New England Science Fiction Association


Boskone is a volunteer driving convention, and we are pleased to share our list of volunteer committee members who are making VIRTUAL Boskone 58 a reality!

Need to contact us? If a direct email address is not listed, please send mail to and address your message to the appropriate person listed below.

Chair: Erin Underwood []

– Deputy: Sharon Sbarsky
– Assistant: Dave Grubbs

Treasurer: Judith Bemis []
– Staff: Ben Yalow
(While Boskone 58 is virtual, our Hotel team worked to transition our contracts to future years.)

Hotel: Gay Ellen Dennett
– Deputy: Dave Anderson
E-commerce: Sharon Sbarsky
Guest Liaison: Laurie Mann
Debriefing: David G. Grubbs


Program Director: James Boggie []
Deputies: Bob Kuhn
Staff: JoAnn Cox, Bob Devney, Brenda Noiseux, Priscilla Olson
Program Database: Grenadine Event Planner []
Program Ops: James Boggie
Program Ops Staff: JoAnn Cox, Brenda Noiseux, Bob Kuhn
Filk: Persis Thorndike
Gaming: Bill Todd
– Staff: Michael Kerpan, Mike Rasnick
Friday Evening Event: David G. Grubbs, Erin Underwood
Saturday Evening Events: David G. Grubbs, Erin Underwood
Plaques & Awards: Tony Lewis


Art Show: Louis Galvez III, Gay Ellen Dennett []
Exhibitors & Sponsors: Tim Szczesuil
Dealers Room Coordinator: Tim Szczsuil []
Fan Tables:
Geri Sullivan []
– Staff:
Sharon Sbarsky
Con Suite: Jannie Shea
Gay Ellen Dennett


Information (pre-con): Sharon Sbarsky & Rick Kovalcik []
Volunteers: Wesley Brodsky []
Virtual Sign Shop:  Robert Luoma


Pre-registration: Dave Cantor []
Pre-reg software: Dave Cantor, David G. Grubbs
At-Con Registration: Louis Galvez III []
Deputy and Technical Assistant: Richard Duffy
At-con Software: Grenadine Event Planner


Marketing: Brenda Noiseux, JoAnn Cox []
Assistant: DJ Oliveira
Facebook: Brenda Noiseux, Erin Underwood, DJ Oliveira, Rick Kovalcik
Twitter: Brenda Noiseux, Erin Underwood
– Instagram: Brenda Noiseux, Erin Underwood
Flyer Design: Matt Smaldone
Preliminary Schedule Publication: Mary Olszowka
Newsletter/Helmuth Editor (pre-con/at-con): Erin Underwood []
Newsletter/Helmuth Editor (pre-con/at-con): Tony Lewis, Laurie Mann []
Souvenir Book Editor “Virtual Edition”: Tony Lewis
Assistants: Louis Galvez III, Kaitlin Nichols
Proofreaders: Sharon Sbarsky, Erin Underwood
Designer: Errick Nunnally
Advertising Sales: Pam Burr []
Website: David G. Grubbs, Sharon Sbarsky, Erin Underwood, Brenda Noiseux
Website Design: Deena Warner Design []

NESFA – New England Science Fiction Association

NESFA Sponsor Table and Dealer Table: Suford Lewis
– Staff: Pat Lang
Email Liaison: Sharon Sbarsky
Short Story Contest Administrator: Steven Lee []
First Readers: Ann Crimmins, Chip Hitchcock, David Grubbs, Don D’Ammassa, Kelsey Pouk, Suford Lewis
Judges: Joe Abercrombie (Boskone 58 Guest of Honor), Kim Stanley Robinson (Boskone 57 Guest of Honor)
Skylark Award: Tony Lewis & Suford Lewis
Gaughan Award Administrator: Sharon Sbarsky
Judges: Marianne Plumridge, Stephen Hickman, Patrick Wilshire


Virtualization Division Head: Peter Olszowka
– Deputy: Paul Kraus
Tech Command Center Staff:Fred Bauer, Hobbit, Kathi Overton, Michael Rafferty, Syd Weinstein
Meeting data entry and administration: Jim Mann
Zoom training and instructions: Laurie Mann
– Instructors: James Boggie, Brendon Chetwynd, Kathi Overton, Matthew Shogren, Erin Underwood, Syd Weinstein
Zoom Host recruiting and scheduling: Beth Kevles
– Hosts: Jenna Albert, Inanna Arthen, Ed Beecher, Jeff Beeler, Wes Brodsky, Kristi Chadwick, Brendon Chetwynd, Maria DeFilippo, Gay Ellen Dennett, Joan Ruland Donnell, Carolyn Frank, Lowell Gilbert, Lisa Opus Goldstein, Merryl Gross, Lisa Hertel, Saul Jaffe, Evergreen Lee, Janet Lunde, Robert Luoma, Jim Mann, Laurie Mann, Terry Neill, Hannah Nelson, DJ Oliveira, Kathy Overton, Tom Padwa, Kristina Palmer, Nicky Penttila, Mike Pilman, Larry Sanderson, H Severino, Kathryn Smith, Katie Stack, Tim Szczesuil, Persis Thorndike, Leslie Turek
Captioning wrangling: Paul Kraus
Event Website: Grenadine Event Planner
Exhibits and dealer virtualization manager: Erin Underwood
– Grenadine Web Designer/Layout: Louis Galvez III, Brenda Noiseux, Tim Szczesuil, Erin Underwood
Art Show virtualization manager: David D’Antonio (DDA)
Publishing of Zoom Recordings: Eric (Dr Gandalf) Fleischer
– Staff: Robert Luoma, Wes Brodsky
Attendee Support Manager (helpdesk): Rick Kovalcik []
– Staff: Anna Bradley, Gail Terman, Ben Levy